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  • published by , on 26/03/2018

    By Yvette de Koste (T5 HCD) Blockchain is without a doubt one of the buzzwords of recent times. Just about every company is participating in blockchain projects, or looking to find a project to participate in. Key in blockchain is collaboration, as blockchain is per definition something where all parties in a chain need to […]

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  • published by , on 23/03/2018

    By Samantha McLaren (MarketSmiths Content Strategists) Recruiting tools and technology is the third biggest budget item for most recruiting teams. And, 45% of large companies and 51% of mid-sized ones are increasing their spend in this area. This of course is not a coincidence. According to the 2018 HR Technology Disruptions report by Bersin by Deloitte, […]

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  • published by , on 18/03/2018

    By Ian Ure (AllChange) “If you can dream it, you can do it.” If there were a top ten of quotes that capture the essence of what innovation is about – the human spirit pushing boundaries – this would definitely feature as one of my favorites. It captures the mentality – the shared attitude, mind-set, […]

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  • published by , on 14/03/2018

    Par Romain Giry (Morse) Faisons un peu de prospective : quels seront les premiers processus RH concernés par l’IA ? Eléments d’explication. La paie Lors d’une table ronde, Franck Cohen, président EMEA chez SAP expliquait que « les systèmes actuels font de?ja? de l’invoice matching, de la re?conciliation de facture, de la gestion de compte a? […]

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  • published by , on 10/03/2018

    Door Matthijs van den Bos (HumanIT) ‘Gamechangers’ zorgen voor een nieuwe dynamiek en inspiratie. Zo’n gamechanger is voor HR al langere tijd binnen handbereik. Namelijk in de vorm van moderne technologie: mobiele apps, Platform as a Service, virtuele leerplatforms, social media, HR-analytics software. Zij kunnen HR ook in uw organisatie op een hoger plan brengen. […]

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