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  • published by , on 20/04/2018

    By Samantha McLaren  (MarketSmiths) Recruiting tools and technology is the third biggest budget item for most recruiting teams. And, 45% of large companies and 51% of mid-sized ones are increasing their spend in this area. This of course is not a coincidence. According to the 2018 HR Technology Disruptions report by Bersin by Deloitte, we are at a time when HR […]

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  • published by , on 13/04/2018

    Par Alix le Gal (Angie) Akoya, le cabinet de conseil en stratégie dédié aux ressources humaines livre son premier classement des meilleures startups HR Tech au sein de l’écosystème français selon trois critères clés : l’innovation de leur solution, la maturité de leur offre, et leur pertinence par rapport au marché. Alors que les opérations financières liées […]

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  • published by , on 02/04/2018

    By Jessica Woloszynt (CIMS) The world of modern recruitment is largely driven by lowering unemployment rates, sinking to 4.1 percent in December of 2017. With top candidates becoming more selective than ever before, organizations must shift their mindset to prioritize the impact talent has on their competitive advantage as a company, and the role recruitment plays in […]

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