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This is a weblog and not a chat box. Stick to the original message/ subject as closely as possible.

Try to make a real contribution to the discussion or the topic. Read what has already been said and write what has not yet been said.

Do not repeat the same argument over and over again, also not in another form. This is tedious.
Do not copy reams of text from a third party. It becomes unreadable and can involve a transgression of copyrights. Summarise them and mention one link.

Less = More. Try and limit your reactions to a maximum of 250 words.

Comments on blog postings must be published using the correct/ real name and first name (of the author of the reaction). Do not use somebody else’s name and do not try and steer the discussion by using various names. When you are adding your comments you will be asked for your e-mail address. However this will not be published (but stored in the administrative section of the website). It is compulsory for you to state your correct e-mail address.

In discussions emotions can run high. You are free to criticise but of course you will also receive criticism. Learn to deal with this. Respect the other person even though you may not agree with him.

Play the ball, not the man. Cursing, insults or maligning someone is simply not on.

In the interest of openness and speed we prefer not to check reactions before publishing them. However, certain reactions (which are not in keeping with our rules of play/ conditions – see below) may be deleted after publication. Reactions to the deleted reaction will therefore also be deleted or modified to prevent the discussion from flagging.

If you totally disagree with what is said and written on this weblog then you are welcome to discuss this. However do not allow yourself to become irritated by people who think differently. You can also look for another weblog or forum or even start your own weblog….

These rules of play should serve as a guiding principle in instances of moderation. Stick to them, otherwise it could result in the deletion of your reaction or even a (temporary) ban.

Authors must accept full liability and responsibility for their publications (articles/ blogs and reactions/comments).

For every publication of an article/blog or reaction/comment the IP-address of the PC is registered from where the message is posted. This information is only used to track down and rectify improper use and is not published but simply stored for taking action in cases of improper use and the violation of the general conditions/ rules of play; it will, if necessary, be transferred to the police and judicial authorities).

General conditions

As a visitor to and user of you agree with the provisions and conditions listed below, whether or not it involves visiting the site or using the site. These conditions may be modified at all times. These amended conditions come into effect as soon as they are published on the website. can be stopped at any time and without prior notice.

The publisher of, BizInfo gcv (which has its registered office in Belgium/ Ghent), has indemnity against all claims and compensation, present and future, of whatever nature, resulting from or connected to the publication of articles/weblogs and reactions/comments on the site.

The authors of the articles/weblogs and reactions/ comments have sole responsibility for their publications.

Everything posted on this blog are the individual contributors personal opinions and does not necessarily represent the views of BizInfo/HRMblogs or it’s clients, nor the contributors respective employers or clients.

You explicitly recognise this regulation and accept full responsibility, under both civil and criminal law, for the information, texts and images published by you.

All published blogs/articles or comments/reactions may therefore not infringe any rights with regard to copyrights, patents, brands, trade secrets or other rights of ownership, intellectual rights, privacy rights, personal rights or publishing rights of a third party.

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When a user introduces information, such as texts, photos, images, drawings or diagrams in articles/blogs and reactions/comments for example, the author allows gcv unlimited access to it and gives it permission to distribute, incorporate, translate and modify this information.

All copyrights and exploitation rights of the publications are reserved for gcv, unless explicitly stated otherwise. gcv waives all responsibility concerning the content and nature of the publications or any damage that may result from this. gcv cannot guarantee that the site will operate without interruption or error. gcv offers no guarantee with regard to the correctness or reliability of the information that is published here.

You may not use this website in a manner that contravenes the regular and standard use of the internet for any unlawful purposes or any other purpose that is in breach of any of the conditions stated in this text or contravenes other warnings or conditions.

The following acts are prohibited and punishable by law at racism, xenophobia, negationism and discrimination. These will result in prison sentences ranging from eight days to a year. also prohibits the use of racist language, the propagation of hatred towards homosexuals, publishing anything that offends public decency, and the publication of pornography.

The use of humoristic or caricatural images is permitted only if they conform to the general conditions and the emphasis is on their humoristic nature.

Slander, defamation of character, insulting language, improper use of a name or image, breach of trust, improper use of someone else’s name or photo and so on is forbidden and punishable by law and therefore also prohibited on

Only those reactions by authors who have stated their full name and first name and e-mail address will be published. No mention will be made of e-mail addresses on the website. We only request this information so that we can contact the author of the reaction if necessary. reserves the right to delete reactions that are not in conformity with the general conditions and code of behaviour.

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