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What is RSS?

RSS enables a surfer to keep up to date with the latest news published by HRMinfo. If you have installed an RSS-reader on your computer it is no longer necessary for you to visit the site to ascertain whether there are any new messages: your computer requests, at regular intervals, an overview of all recently published messages. The overview lists the titles of the articles. Should you require further information you simply click on and this will take you to the relevant page on the website. The way in which the titles are presented (clearer and more user-friendly) depends on the software you have installed on your computer. Usually it is possible to keep a record of which messages you have already read. Moreover, you are also notified when new messages have been published.

What do you need?

In any case you need a so-called newsreader, a piece of software that communicates with our website and displays the messages. You can select ‘separate’ software, which often offers you more possibilities, or use the built-in RSS functionality of browsers like Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac and Linux), Opera (Windows, Mac and Linux), Stax (Linux) or Safari (Mac).

Apart from settings that determine how often a check is made for new messages you do have to tell the RSS software where it should look for its information. As mentioned above, to do this you use the addresses above or in your browser if you click on the orange Feed button at the top of every page of the website :

On the basis of these addresses the RSS-software will automatically pick up the proper message.

What software?

Nowadays there are many RSS-newsreaders for all navigation systems, both free and paid for. For the sake of convenience and because they are free we recommend RSSreader or SharpReader (for Windows). If you are a Mac or Linux user we recommend NetNewsWire (Mac) or Straw (Linux). Of course you are perfectly free to make your own choice. Our feeds can also be read via Bloglines or  Netvibes.

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